“Zero Tolerance” Should Equal Zero Dollars

McGuire: “Today, I call on Gov. Reynolds to make good on her promise of a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on sexual harassment. She should return all contributions raised during last October’s fundraiser headlined by now indicted, Gov. Greitens.”

Des Moines, IA –  In response to yesterday’s indictment of  Gov.Greitens and Gov. Reynolds’ previous comments on her commitment to a “zero tolerance” policy for sexual harassment, Dr. Andy McGuire, Democratic candidate for Governor of Iowa, issued the following statement.

“Here in Iowa and across the country, too many women are living in fear. They are afraid to come forward if they are sexually harassed in the workplace for fear of potential retaliation and negative, professional repercussions. They fear that men, especially those with power, will threaten and abuse them if they choose to stand up and take action. Words are not enough. Women need action from our leaders. I, too, have felt the pain of not being valued. As Governor, I will work to change a culture that says it’s okay to harass and abuse another and get away with it.  

“In her condition of the state address last month, Gov. Reynolds called on people in public office to serve as a model for the public and private sector. The indictment of Gov. Greitens gives Gov. Reynolds an opportunity to lead by example and use her position to take action and return all of her campaign funds raised during last October’s fundraiser. Iowa taxpayers are already on the hook for $1.7 million thanks to Iowa Republican Senators and their misconduct. They deserve better than a Governor paid for by politicians accused of sexual misconduct and blackmail.

“If the Reynolds administration is truly committed to taking action on this issue, then Gov. Reynolds will do what is right and return the money. This is a test for Governor Reynolds on whether she will take her promises to the people of Iowa seriously or if her words and statements are merely more of the same empty, election-year rhetoric that we’ve seen for the past eight years.”