RELEASE: McGuire Launches New TV/Digital Ad, “Caring”

Dr. Andy McGuire Releases New TV/Digital Ad, ‘Caring,’ Discussing Her Plan and Vision to Provide Solutions to Iowa’s Health Care Problems

In Ad, Dr. Andy McGuire Highlights Her Experience as a Doctor and the Best Candidate to Tackle the State’s Mental Health Crisis with her 7-Point Plan and Medical Expertise.

Today, April 18, Dr. Andy McGuire, released a new TV and digital ad, “Caring,” that showcases Dr. McGuire’s commitment to providing every Iowan with access to affordable health care.

In December, Dr. McGuire released a 7-point, 17 page plan, “Sound Minds, Healthy Bodies.” to combat Iowa’s mental health and substance abuse crisis. Dr. McGuire’s plan recognizes the need to have adequate community resources in every corner of the state for all ages. Her statewide strategy also includes preventive care to recognize the warning signs before people get into a crisis. Her goal is to get people the correct treatment they need before they end up in jails or emergency rooms.

McGuire also recognizes the cause and effect relationship of mental illness and substance abuse and addiction. Iowa desperately needs counselors and mental health professionals who are trained in both mental illness and substance abuse in order to provide patients with the best treatment possible.

As a doctor, Dr. McGuire is also committed to reversing the Medicaid privatization mess and will work to restore funding to Planned Parenthood on the first day of her administration. That’s why over 40 health care professionals including fellow physician and former Governor, Howard Dean, have endorsed Dr. McGuire’s candidacy for Governor.

The 30-second television ad, “Caring,” will begin airing next week prior to the District Conventions and Early Voting.

WATCH: “Caring

“Caring” Transcript:

I’m Doctor Andy McGuire.  

I’ve spent my life caring for people.

I was proud to help brave veterans with life-threatening illnesses, and then, focus on preventive care.  

Let’s face it – we’ve got to tackle the mental health crisis – head on.  I’ve got a plan to do just that.

Our health care system is broken.  It’s time we fixed it.

I’m Doctor Andy McGuire and I’m running for Governor because I won’t stop until EVERY Iowan has access to affordable health care.  

Graphic: “McGuire Offers 7-Point Mental Health Plan for Iowa, The Gazette 12.04.17”