McGuire on Labor Day: “I firmly believe that Iowa is at its best when our labor movement is strong.”

“Today, we celebrate and honor our brothers and sisters in labor and their many contributions and sacrifices to ensure a fair and safe working environment. The labor movement is a testament to what organized men and women can do to make life better for us all. From the 40 hour work week, to sick leave, vacation and tough child labor laws, unions have made improvements for the entire workforce. As your governor, I pledge to continue to fight alongside labor against attacks on workers’ rights. I firmly believe that Iowa is at its best when our labor movement is strong.

“Earlier this year, as Republicans gained control of both chambers in the Iowa legislature, they wasted no time in launching an all-out assault on Iowa workers. Negotiations were held behind closed doors, guided by greedy special interests, with little to no public input. The entire process was deceptive, shrouded in secrecy and disrespectful to the hardworking men and women of Iowa. What the Republicans did to public sector employees, labor unions and by extension, the Iowa economy, is a crime.

“I know that Iowa workers deserve fair wages and a seat at the negotiating table. Our brothers and sisters in labor will not be silenced. I’ve seen Iowa’s labor movement in action. I stood with thousands of others at the Capitol and in the galleries when Republicans lied and said they hadn’t heard from Iowans concerned about the bill to roll back collective bargaining and they were wrong. Iowa’s labor movement is united despite Republican efforts to divide.

“As people across Iowa and the rest of America enjoy today’s holiday, let’s not forget its true meaning. Let us honor the men and women who died fighting for the rights we enjoy today, and thank our unions that continue to fight the battles of today and tomorrow.”

***McGuire was born in Waterloo, Iowa – the daughter of a World War II veteran and a hard-working mother in a family of eight. McGuire is the mother of seven children, and raised a family while training to be a doctor. As a medical director, she focused on preventive care, including vaccinations and prenatal checks.***

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