Grassroots Campaign for Governor Announces Additional Endorsements of Iowa Activists and Advocates

Des Moines, IA – Andy McGuire announced today additional endorsements from key Democratic activists and leaders across the state.

“When I listen to her speak, I feel passion, desire and a genuine concern for the people in our state,” said Dr. Frantz Whitfield, a Waterloo minister. Dr. Whitfield continued, “That’s what we need in a Governor, someone with a strong heart who cares about the future of our state. I don’t think that’s what we are seeing right now from the current administration.”

“Andy has been crisscrossing the state from river to river talking about her vision for Iowa. Her message is resonating with voters in both rural and urban areas,” said former President of the Iowa Senate, Jack Kibbie. Kibbie continued, “Iowans want more than politics as usual. They’re hungry for a leader who will listen and take action, and that’s the kind of Governor they’ll get with Andy McGuire.”

Andy is proud to have served as the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party from 2015-16. The full list of new endorsements includes prominent current and former Democratic leaders from across Iowa:

  • Som Baccam– Co-Chair of the Asian/Latino Caucus

  • Elaine Baxter – Former Iowa Secretary of State

  • Kerry Bowen – Windsor Heights, Union Activist

  • Mike Blouin – Former Congressman and Gubernatorial Candidate

  • Jack Kibbie – Former State Senator and Former President of the Iowa Senate

  • Ed Malloy – Mayor of Fairfield, Iowa

  • Dave Nagle – Former Congressman and Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair­­

  • Patti Ruff – Former Iowa State Representative (HD 56)

  • Julie Thomas – Former Congressional Candidate

  • Dr. Frantz Whitfield – Pastor, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Waterloo, President of Iowa National Action Network Chapter and Civil Rights Activist

  • Kathy Winter – Chair, Osceola County Democrats

For a list of McGuire’s full endorsement list, visit

McGuire was born in Waterloo, Iowa – the daughter of a World War II veteran and a hard-working mother in a family of eight. McGuire is the mother of seven children, and raised a family while training to be a doctor. As a medical director, she focused on preventive care, including vaccinations and prenatal checks.