Gov. Reynolds Owns This Budget. It’s Her Job To Fix It. Iowans Can’t Afford More Years of Budget Mismanagement

Des Moines, IA – In response to Gov. Reynolds decision to not hold a special legislative session to deal with the state’s budget crisis, candidate for governor, Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement:

“Iowa’s budget crisis is the direct result of the Branstad/Reynolds administration putting corporations and special interests groups ahead of hardworking Iowans. At a time when many Iowans are working two and three jobs just to make ends meet, this administration has been writing blank checks to out-of-state corporations and sticking hardworking Iowa taxpayers with the bill.

“We all want to bring jobs to our state, and these jobs need to be good-paying jobs with benefits. Iowa already has an edge on the competitive cost of doing business. Offering sweetened special deals to multibillion-dollar mega-corporations at a time when our budget is in crisis and our cash reserves are running low is the height of fiscal irresponsibility. I believe we can attract corporations to our state without robbing the budget of millions of dollars for corporate handouts that leave our cities and schools with damaging budget shortfalls.

“Growing an economy that works for every Iowan starts with providing access to affordable healthcare, adequately funding our state’s public schools and prioritizing the hardworking Iowans who are starting or working to expand their own businesses here. This administration has failed time and time again when it comes to putting Iowans ahead of corporate profits, and as governor, I’ll reverse the trend.”