Gov. Reynolds Isn’t Listening to Iowans, Refuses to Admit Medicaid Is a Mess

Des Moines, IA – Seventeen months after fast-tracking a disastrous transition to Medicaid privatization, Gov. Reynolds at her weekly press conference stood by privatization and maintains that the managed care program is working. In response, candidate for governor, Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement:

“I’m traveling to urban and rural areas and talking to Iowans in every corner of the state. The stories I hear from Medicaid patients and their families are heartbreaking. I spoke to a mother who has to drive her disabled child over an hour to receive care. Other folks have had to change their case managers up to four times in just the past year. It just isn’t working, and it is time for Gov. Reynolds to admit it.

“Today, Gov. Reynolds defended Medicaid privatization by saying, ‘It takes time’. Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens simply can’t afford to wait any longer. If Gov. Reynolds is serious about making the healthcare  of Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens a priority then she needs to admit when she is wrong, and call Medicaid privatization what it is—a mistake.

“When people hear that I am running for governor, Medicaid is one of the first issues they want to talk about, and they share their personal stories. It’s not an urban issue. It’s not a rural issue. It’s an issue that affects Iowans everywhere. When it comes to Medicaid privatization, Gov. Reynolds is only listening to what she wants to hear from out-of-state, private managed care corporations.

“I’m listening to Iowans and what I am hearing is Medicaid privatization is a mess and showing no signs of improvement. Part of being a leader is admitting when you are wrong. Medicaid privatization is a mess, and for the health and well-being of 600,000 of Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens, Governor Reynolds should admit it.”