Gov. Reynolds Fails to Stand Up Against Hate, Keeps Rep. Steve King As An Ally Despite Diversity Comments

McGuire: “As Governor, I will always put people over politics. Governor Reynolds’ refusal to stand up against Rep. Steve King and his racist comments shows a lack of leadership.”

Des Moines, IA – At a weekly news conference this morning, Governor Kim Reynolds refused to distance herself from Iowa Congressman, Steve King, despite his recent, “Diversity is not our strength” comments. Gov. Reynolds insisted that she is willing to work with Rep. King moving forward. Medical doctor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Andy McGuire, issued the following statement on Governor Reynolds’ refusal to stand up against Rep. King who has repeatedly embarrassed the state with his hate-filled, racist rhetoric.

“Governor Reynolds’ refusal to take action against Rep. Steve King and his habitual, racist remarks shows a lack of leadership. By naming and retaining Rep. King as one of her campaign co-chairs, Reynolds emboldens his hate speech and anti-diversity comments. It is not enough to simply disagree with King, Gov. Reynolds must take action.

“Every time Gov. Reynolds shares the stage with Rep. King or holds a joint fundraiser, she sends a message that she is not willing to stand up for everyone. Rep. Steve King is a bully, a bully with a great deal of power in United States Congress. Leaders don’t just turn a blind eye to bullies. They stand up to them, despite the threat of political repercussions. In an age where hate crimes are on the rise and  on full display right here in Iowa, Reynolds has failed to be a leader and stand up for every, single Iowan.

“Make no mistake, as Governor, I will always put people over politics. I will work with every community in Iowa to listen to their concerns and address ways to make our state better for everyone. Governor Reynolds’ refusal to stand up against Rep. Steve King and his racist comments shows a lack of leadership. Gov. Reynolds had an opportunity to do the right thing today and expel Rep. Steve King as her co-chair. But, once again she missed an opportunity to be a leader and a prominent voice against hate.”

Background: Last week, Rep. Steve King (IA-04) took to Twitter to decry multiculturalism and diversity. In November, in addition to the acting Lieutenant Governor, Adam Gregg, Reynolds named King as her campaign co-chair. When asked about King’s comments during her weekly press conference, Governor Reynolds said she disagreed with the comments but was willing to work on the issues with King. During the past year, Iowa has been the focus several racially charged incidents, including high school students participating in a cross burning. More recently, an Iowa teacher was forced to resign after making racist comments during a high school basketball game broadcast.

***McGuire was born in Waterloo, Iowa – the daughter of a World War II veteran and a hard-working mother in a family of eight. McGuire is the mother of seven children, and raised a family while training to be a doctor. As a medical director, she focused on preventive care, including vaccinations and prenatal checks.***

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