On Equal Pay Day: Iowans Deserve a Governor Who Will Lead by Example on Equal Pay

McGuire: “The first step to ensuring true gender equality in Iowa is to bridge the pay gap and value women’s voices, accomplishments and talents in the workplace.”

Des Moines, IA –In observance of Equal Pay Day, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Andy McGuire, issued the following statement:

“Real leaders lead by example. They back up their words with actions and take responsibility for their mistakes and attempt to correct their wrongs. Gov. Reynolds has failed the women of Iowa with her refusal to make equal pay a priority of her administration. Since taking office in May of last year, Gov. Reynolds has done nothing to improve Iowa’s gender pay gap which is 23%, one of the worst in the nation.

“In January, Gov. Reynolds delivered her condition of the state address without one mention of the gender wage gap, let alone any plans to improve the livelihoods of the hardworking women of Iowa. Her failure to lead on this issue reinforces the message to women that their work is worth less than their male counterparts.

“As one out of only eleven women in my medical school class, I know what it is like to overcome obstacles and barriers. Overcoming the wage gap is not something that women in Iowa can do alone. They need help from their representatives in government, and Gov. Reynolds has not been there for Iowa women when they have needed it the most.

“Today, I want to let every working woman in Iowa know that bridging the wage gap will be a priority of my administration as Governor, and I will not stop until every woman receives the equal pay that she has earned and that she deserves down to the very last penny.