Andy announced her candidacy in April 2017 and has secured critical endorsements from all corners of the state, including:

SOM BACCAM – Chair, Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus, Co-Chair Asian and Latino Coalition
ELAINE BAXTERFormer Iowa Secretary of State
MIKE BLOUINFormer U.S. Representative and Gubernatorial Candidate
LEONARD BOSWELL – Former U.S. Representative (IA-3)
KERRY BOWENWindsor Heights, Union Activist
BONNIE CAMPBELL –Former Iowa Attorney General
ROXANNE CONLIN – Former United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa and first female president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)
DONNA CRUM –Mills County Chair
HOWARD DEAN Physician, Former Presidential Candidate, Former Governor of Vermont and Former DNC Chair
MARIA DICKMANN  City Council Member, Davenport, Iowa
MIKE GRONSTAL Former Iowa State Senate Majority Leader and DLCC Chair
JOHNIE HAMMOND Former Iowa State Senator and First Female Elected to the Iowa State Legislature
JACK KIBBIE –Former State Senator and Former President of the Iowa Senate
GARY KROEGER –Black Hawk County Activist, Former Congressional Candidate
ED MALLOY – Mayor, Fairfield, Iowa
RYAN MCDANIEL – President, Student Leadership Council for Iowa Safe Schools
DAVE NAGLE-Former U.S. Representative
LINDA NELSON – Former State Representative and Former President of the Iowa State Education Association
PATTI RUFF – Former Iowa State Representative (HD 56)
PHYLLIS THEDE – Iowa State Representative (HD 93)
JULIE THOMAS – Former Congressional Candidate
DR. FRANTZ WHITFIELD – Pastor, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Waterloo, President of Iowa National Action Network Chapter and Civil Rights Activist
KATHY WINTER – Chair, Osceola Democrats
JAMIE WOODS Chair, Iowa Democratic Party Black Caucus
JO ANN ZIMMERMAN – Former Lieutenant Governor of Iowa