Andy McGuire can make Iowa proud again

Never has an Iowa election been as important as the upcoming June 5 primary.

Iowa deserves so much better than what has happened to this state since the GOP gained power. Making the national news for being the state that is leading the attack against women’s health is not something to be proud of.

Dr. Andy McGuire is the candidate to make Iowa proud again. Not only is she a physician with years of experience, which would enable her to fix our broken medical care delivery system, but also her experience leading the Iowa Democratic Party ensures she is ready on day one.

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She is a fierce proponent of mental health issues, clean air and water, education, small business and equal pay for equal work. She was recently chosen by “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense” as their candidate of choice.

More than ever, Iowa needs a true leader. And that’s Andy McGuire.

— Davi Mondt Lowman, Boone